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Wild Women Soaps was born from a love of handmade gentle bath products and a passion for the rejuvenating rituals of water. One spring evening in 1999, a friend and I first conceived the idea of this artisan soap company.


For more than 20 years Wild Women Soaps has successfully combined a medley of interests-- skin care, perfumery, free expression, herbs, plant oils, aromatherapy, folklore, desert dwelling, living thoughtfully with the earth and the giving magic of handmade crafts.

A true "cottage industry" Wild Women Soaps operates out of my home with a remodeled garage now our dedicated soap studio. The Wild Women tribe consists of soapmakers, studio assistants, willing testers and web geniuses, together, we are Wild Women Soaps.

As our company continues to grow, we hold fast to the vision that has brought us this far... when you take a simple daily item, make it fabulous with pure ingredients, infuse it with our unique brand of wild energy and love, you transcend the simple act of a shower or bath and create a ritual of soulful cleansing and tangible pleasure. That is our offering to you, the gift of alchemy. Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Deborah Owens, President & Wild Muse
Wild Women Soaps
Mesa, AZ

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Wild Women Soap is real soap! Most of the "soap" you buy isn't soap at all. It's detergent (watch for phrases like "beauty bar” and "bath bar”) and often have the naturally occurring glycerin removed. Glycerin, a by-product of the soapmaking process, is an amazing humectant that attracts moisture to your skin leaving you feeling soft and conditioned all day. Wild Women Soaps contain all their natural glycerin and, additionally, are enhanced with extra emollients and nutrients so they're extremely beneficial to your skin. If you have never tried handmade soap, you will notice the difference within a few uses… softer skin, less irritation and dryness, more comfort all day long.


Soapmaking is magic! Saponification is the process that occurs between oils and lye to make natural soap - we enjoy shouting, "SAPONIFICATION," during soapmaking! It’s an extraordinary alchemical process of chemistry intertwined with imagination and the synergy of it all is magical! Each of our soaps is a unique experience, and has a different story to tell through color, scent, shimmer, ingredients, texture, lather, inspiration and how it dances across your skin. Every soap batch is lovingly crafted from scratch, hand-cut and cured for 4-6 weeks in our Mesa, Arizona studio.


And then there was more… after we started with our six original soaps in 1999, our loyal and lovingly loud customers wanted more. More products to compliment the soaps and more soap to choose from! As constant creatives and experimenters, we’ve been happy to oblige. We now offer a full line of handmade bath and body products from our simply exceptional Hand and Body Lotion, to our insanely popular bath luxuries of Soothing Salts, and Bath Bombs, to our sensuously inspiring Body Oil and our desert skin cure-all Sun Dancer Healing Balm


Wild Women Soaps is an earth-friendly business. We strive to operate an environmentally sound business living in harmony with the earth that brings us so much joy. We are a learn as we go tribe of humans, and your feedback, questions, comments and ideas are always welcome, in fact, some of our best creations have been distilled from you, our wild customers. We love you, you’re why we’re here, why we do what we do, and we keep you clearly in mind and heart while we’re making every single bar of soap, bottle of lotion or jar of bath salts. Thank you for supporting this wild desert adventure for over 20 years!

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