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Flagstaff Soap

Flagstaff Soap

PriceFrom $6.50

A blend of crisp forest scents with a hint of vanilla and bursting with skin-conditioning, hippie-loving hemp seed oil… enjoy Northern Arizona.


    Have you ever smelled the bark of a ponderosa pine tree? It’s surprisingly reminiscent of vanilla ice cream. Flagstaff is Arizona high-country style and this Wild Women Soap celebrates the essences of the vast ponderosa pine forests of Northern Arizona. Flagstaff soap contains a blend of forest scents including white pine, blue spruce and cedarwood which is then laced with a light hint of vanilla. The soap is texturized with ground millet seed and, with a nod to Flagstaff’s thriving hippie culture, is formulated with ultra conditioning hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil offers a cornucopia of benefits to your skin including anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities, it also balances dry skin, fights skin inflammations, helps heal skin lesions, and provides anti-oxidants. Enjoy Flagstaff today!


    Ingredients:  olive oil, coconut oil, distilled water, palm oil, hemp seed oil, sodium hydroxide, castor bean oil, fragrance, vitamin E oil and ground millet seed.


    Soaps are sold individually as wrapped bars, or save money with our unwrapped naked-stacks of 5 cut bars, or save even more with a full uncut soap log (17+ bars of 1” wide soap), cut whatever size soap you’d like and enjoy! Please note: uncut soap logs ship 7-10 days from ordering.


    Wild Women Soaps are 4.5 oz. (approx.) and hand cut, please enjoy the slight variance in size and shape.


    Extend the life of hand-made soap by storing in a well draining dish. Check out our Wild Women Soap Decks!

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