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Vortex Soap

Vortex Soap

PriceFrom $7.00

Geomagnetic energy swirls where red rock cathedrals reach into crystal blue sky. Channel the earth’s vitality with Sedona red clay and healing oils.



    Step into the Vortex. Both sacred and powerful, beneath the breathtaking beauty of Sedona Arizona's red rocks beats a healing heart. Energetic vortexes are transformational energy centers located at sites throughout the Sedona area. The intersections of natural electromagnetic earth energy, a Vortex amplifies everything it encounters… bring your hope, your inspiration, your prayer, your purpose, your soul... and let it magnify. Vortex soap is scented with our original Wild Women blend of grounding essential oils and spinning with just a hint of the cosmic. 


    Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, distilled water, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, castor bean oil, fragrance, red clay, vitamin E oil and mineral pigment.


    Soaps are sold individually as wrapped bars, or save money with our unwrapped naked-stacks of 5 cut bars. Please note: Vortex is not avalable as an uncut soap log.


    Wild Women Soaps are 4.5 oz. (approx.) and hand cut, please enjoy the slight variance in size and shape.


    Extend the life of hand-made soap by storing in a well draining dish.  Check out our Wild Women Soap Decks!

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